The Best Central Florida Destinations

Florida is an excellent place for a vacation. It is called the sunshine state for a reason .The weather is more often than not bright and warm and there are a lot of things to see and do. Most of the fun things to see and do are located in the Central Florida area, especially the more family friendly places. Entertainment includes both natural and man made recreation.


Natural Destinations

  • Beaches
  • Springs
  • Parks


Florida is well known for its beautiful soft sandy beaches. They are the place to go to lounge and catch a tan or play in the waves. The beaches are also a vasts ecosystem of birds and marine life, such as dolphins, to watch. The beaches provide keepsakes of the trip as well in the form of gorgeous sea shells. Florida also provides the choice of the cool deep waters and heavy waves of the Atlantic ocean on one coast and the warmer, calmer waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the other.



While sand, salt water and the terrifying depths of the ocean are not everyone’s cup of tea, there is still a way to enjoy the warm sun and cool water. Central Florida has many natural fresh water springs that are open to the public including Crystal Springs and Rainbow Springs. These are great places to hang out and beat the heat by swimming in the cool clear water.



While the bulk of the swampy Everglades are farther toward the South of Florida the central area still has many state and national parks to visit. The lakes and rivers have encouraged the state to create preservation for the wildlife and habitat that people can enjoy. Crystal River, for instance, provides a number of great areas for day trips and camping alike.


Man Made Destinations

  • Theme Parks
  • Historical Sites
  • Unique Bars/Restaurants

Theme Parks

Florida is known for it’s theme parks. One of the most popular and well known, of course, is Walt Disney World in Orlando. Also in Orlando is Universal Studios, Sea World, Ripley’s and others. In Tampa there is a water park called Adventure Island. For animal lovers there is Busch Gardens and Lowry Park Zoo.


Historical Sites

Florida is loaded with historical sites to visit. Florida was the first recorded place in what would become the United States to be landed on by the Spanish. Juan Ponce De Leon named it Florida which means “flowery” because of the beautiful landscape he found. His discovery lead to the placement of many Spanish forts and other historical settlements over time, many of which can be explored by the public today.


Unique Bars and Restaurants

While there are many interesting and unique places to eat in Central Florida, for family friendly food and entertainment one stands out. Medieval Times in Orlando is a dinner theater like none other. It is like a permanently established Renaissance Fair. Delicious themed dinners are complimented by the excitement of knights preforming tricks on horses and jousting to thrill the crowd.

Central Florida is full of enough fun and excitement to fill a vacation to maximum capacity. A single trip may not even be enough.


UCF Student Killed After Assault on Drug Dealer

UCFStudent Shot And Killed In Drug Deal Gone Bad

In recent events in Daytona Beach, Florida on April 2nd 19-year-old UFC student Ethan Jared Halverson was shot and killed. Officer Tabitha Parsons arrived just before one a.m. at 720 North Oleander Avenue. She found a non-identified woman and Halverson laying on the ground by a 2009 Toyota Prius. Both were located on the passenger side of the car while the car was still running with the door open. The woman’s identity and information have not been released due to the investigation. A witness stated that the electrical engineering major was shot at the Overlook apartments on Seabreeze Boulevard. He was located on the North side of the complex at the time of the shooting. Halverson was taken to Halifax Hospital for treatment and at around 1:30 p.m. he was pronounced dead. A report claims that the unidentified female witness attempted to perform CPR. Upon arriving on the scene, the female officer took over performing CPR when she noticed blood on the victim. She checked Halverson’s body soon for a wound and found a gunshot on the back left side of his body. According to investigators, the cause of the shooting was related to a drug deal gone bad. Jimmy Flynt, the public information officer for the Daytona Beach Police, stated that it was a drug deal rip-off. Investigators found text messages between Halverson and some of his friends. The text messages indicated that they had planned to rip off a drug dealer, but the exact contents of the text messages have not been publicly released. Halverson’s older brother Noah Halvorsen claims that Chief Chitwood of the Daytona Police Department advised him that Ethan Halvorsen was not part of the text messages about the drug deal. The older brother stated that however since friends had recently been ripped off by the drug dealer that was the subject of the text messages. Noah describes his brother Ethan as a good person that was willing to help anyone that needed it. This willingness to help others included people that may have even been a rough character. Speculation about how her son’s involvement in the text messages continues and could not be confirmed by investigators. It is unclear of who initiated the text messages and to whom they were related. Regardless of the content or who the text messages were directed to Ethan Halverson somehow ended up connected to the text messages. Speculation continues as very few details of the events leading up to the shooting are released. A suspect has been identified but not is not currently in police custody. Noah Halverson speculates that trying to help someone is what eventually led to the shooting of Ethan Halverson. Although Ethan’s brother Noah agrees that he may not have been in good company at the time, he most likely had good intentions. Very few details are being released at this time but there is an ongoing investigation, and more information about this shooting are expected to be published in the upcoming days.


Drug Smuggling in Central Florida

The drug trade coming in and out of Florida has always been pretty vibrant just because of how easy it is to access the state. There is a lot of coastline, and there are plenty of ways that people can get in and out of the state. You might have seen Scarface, and that will tell you a lot about how easy it is to get drugs into the state, but it is not necessarily so obvious. You will never see these things, but they are there.

A lot of people think that the only way to get drugs in and out of Florida is by plane, but there are only so many airports where people can fly in and out. It is actually much easier for people to get things in and out of central Florida using a boat. The state can be accessed by Jamaica, the Caymans and the Bahamas easily on a boat, and people are renting these boats all the time for runs to different parts of the sea.

There are a lot of people who are not even sure that they have ever seen the drug trade, and that is because it is very hard to find. No one is going to see these things happening out in the open, but it is much easier for people to get their work done in the trade. This happens in places where people are not usually going to go, and it is going to happen in places where people are not really looking.

You have probably never gone to any of the spots where drugs are sold, but there are a lot of hidden spaces that you have probably been to before. That means that you will be able to avoid it because you are not really driving to these places. There are train yards and other industrial areas where people will do their work because no one is looking, and you probably are not going to these places.

It is not just like the TV shows you have seen like Miami Vice and Burn Notice, but it is not far off. There are a lot of shadowy people who are working behind the scenes to manage their drug smuggling, and they are doing it in places that most of the public never goes to. This is something that a lot of people forget because they do not realize that it is even going on. You can actually go for months or even years without seeing a hint of drug activity, but you could get lost one day and end up in a place where that work is done all the time.

Someone who is trying to make sure that they understand the drug trade needs to remember that it is not a place to delve into lightly. You do not want to investigate this just for the fun of it. There is a lot going into and out of central Florida that no one knows about, and even the writer of this article would have no idea how big the smuggling trade actually is.

Florida is so accessible that people are going to keep using it for the drug trade, and it is important that all the people that want to avoid it make sure they stay out of shadowy places.